I never watch reality shows

I never watch reality shows. But there’s one Lynette and I are checking out: Undercover Bosses. Seeing the tears of gratitude and sheer joy, as the CEO periodically blesses an employee…I’m convinced that millionaires, and especially billionaires, are pretty much missing out on what would have to be the best hobby a wealthy person could cultivate: periodically blessing somebody. Being able to pay off someone’s vehicle, mortgage, etc…what on Earth could be more fun than that? There won’t be any 24′ U-Hauls available, to take anything beyond this Mortal Coil!

Want to learn about one of the greatest NATION DISCIPLERS in history

Want to learn about one of the greatest NATION DISCIPLERS in history? This is an excellently produced and moving documentary on the life of William Tyndale – a man who has been largely written out of English history but whose influence and legacy lives on, not only in England but throughout the world. Also highlights the spirit of control which is still evident in many church leadership structures today.


Friends, what’s your donut sign?
I got the giggles over this donut zodiac chart which spills the beans on what your donut choice says about you.
I’m seeing lots of fun stuff in my FB stream today on National Donut Day. But I also just learned there’s an International Donut Day, in Dec.
Do you think a new pickup line would work, like, “So hey, what’s your donut sign?”