Friends: I am once again raising money for a new film

Friends: I am once again raising money for a new film. This time, I am asking people to donate funds to a fund at Baylor which I can use for production expenses – the benefit is that any donation would be fully tax deductible!
I’m posting more info about the film in the first comment below. The link to give is:
If you choose to give, please give it in my “honor” (which is easy to designate at the link I have posted) so that I’ll know it’s for this purpose.
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Akpors a begger with a

Akpors a begger with a
sign”Help,I’m blind”
was at a corner begging for money.
A man then decided
to give him N500.
As he called the beggar and was about to hand the
money over,
a gustof wind
blew the money. Immediately, the
jumped up, chased the money, stepped onit
retrieved it.. the man said:
“Ah ah bros, you talk sey you blind
akpors: “Me, blind? Who tell you?” Man: Na wetin the sign wey you
hang for
neck talk!”
akpors: *looking down at thesign
said* “Chei!
Na blind dis artist write sha! But No be wetin I
am oga, I say
make im write deaf
and dumb!!”
lolzzz Akpors is still in the hospital