What a sight
American pageantry
Living gods
And older tales too
Of Apple seeds
And lumber jacks
Of oxen blue
Of buffalo’s laying dead
Wooden indians
The rifled slain haunt
the maze of the
Black Widow’s craze
And coral palaces
Where mothman shadows a
Cafe in Tangiers
As slenderman pays for his
Flat white
A place on rock
Where bizarre does’nt describe
This wonderful heap of crap
Such tacky beautiful
glorius self worship
American politico
Ala Lovecraftian silicon haze
Yet the other gods are not angry
Except for the chupacabra
And the greys
Luxor is our temple
It’s beacon burning bright
An aroma unto heaven
Neon light
We even put the faces of our
Strongmen on the side
Of natures holy mountains
As we rejoice our hostage
God save us from the fury of the Northmen
They found what was here
Indeed they did
The big time
We call this land of ours
It was made for you and me
Hurry now the sacrifice
So we can all be
– Kairos


No. I didn’t sleep at all last night.
I tossed and turned and cried and scrolled my feed. Looking for answers, for support. My heart hurt. I am a woman, a person of color, a member of the LGBT community, from a family of immigrants, all the things.
And as hard as it was to get up today, it is still an opportunity. And I am on a mission as many of you already know. I may not be as ready as I would like to be but we are charging forward.
This past year, with a team of dedicated friends, I have been working on starting a new nonprofit youth development conservation corps, the Eastern Sierra Conservation Corps.
I have learned so much from the mountains and through the Backcountry Trails Program and my journey continues today.
I want to put boots on the ground by next summer. I want to provide the opportunity for more young adults to get out in the wilderness that belongs to all of us. I believe in the power of building more inclusive and healthy communities.
ESCC and the WILDlands Project (Wilderness Immersion Leadership and Development) will have backcountry trail crews, all women’s crews, first-time backpacking trips, work along the John Muir Trail, and alumni based travelling technical task force trail crews working all over California. We will get work done.
I am processing through the events that led to the results of last night. The only way I know is to move forward and to continue to fight the good fight.
And I, we, need your help. To get off the ground, we are soliciting donations of any kind. Money, gear, time, advice.
Let’s keep the conversation going. Let’s connect if we haven’t in a long time. To learn more about my project or to donate, visit our webpage.
Love and solidarity to all of you.

As a person committed to Dr

As a person committed to Dr. Montessori’s life-long work of establishing lasting peace through education, this cause speaks to my heart.
When I shared this campaign with my class today, including showing them a video of this photographer’s work (link in comments), they were so excited that there is a way that they can make a contribution to these girls’ education. They decided that they would like to match my personal contribution of $20 per month by donating a portion of all of the fundraisers they are doing this year that support their own educational experience. For example, right now they are raising money for new soccer equipment, and a portion of the proceeds will go to fund the education of children halfway across the globe; children with whom they share a special connection: they are all children, they are all passionate about learning, and they all have that special human gift for being able to love and care for other humans that they’ve never met.
Comment on Halim’s original post to have him share their proposal and details about how you can contribute if you are so called.
#oneplanetonepeople #educationforpeace