Instead of mocking how wrong they were

Instead of mocking how wrong they were, ask how such an obvious fact was stolen from reality. Ask how this laugh-hole managed to leverage the Electoral College using FBI help and Putin money and hacking, to steal the Presidency against impossible odds.
Once you answer that to any degree of satisfaction, ask yourself what your role was in enabling this, and just as despair begins, remind yourself that, as of today, he’s NOT YET PRESIDENT.
He can still be stopped, and his appointees expunged. On 19 December the Electoral College takes its actual vote, and by then the malfeasance and crimes will lay exposed, and we’ll know the swing states, especially the winner-take-all swing states, were stolen, all by the same just under 1%. Statistically impossible, proof of crime right there. On the 19th of Dec. the EC had better stop being a brand of horror comics and instead reverse itself and hand Hillary Clinton, who won by a landslide, the Presidency, so she can un-do these Nazi appointments Trump has announced so far.
Yes, the trumpers would throw a hissy fit but squirrel guns and ’48 Ford pickups rusted out and up on blocks do not counter the US military or even the National Guard all that well.
There is also a bill being introduced to block Trump’s inauguration although how effective that would be remains untested.
Finally, of course, there is a cluster of pink clouds waiting to happen, and an open, shooting Civil War as the sane rise up finally against the psychopaths violently to oppose and eliminate them.
Barring any of those, or all, America is now a fascist oligarchy headed toward being a kakistrocratic kleptocracy, and all hail Putin.