I would like all those folks who seriously want to support healthy childbirth and healthy families to take a closer look at the real history of the “Right to Life” movement

I would like all those folks who seriously want to support healthy childbirth and healthy families to take a closer look at the real history of the “Right to Life” movement. I would also like those who support “pro-life” positions to fight the repeal of the ACA since the program currently helps to support your stated goals.


So, today I ran the washer for the full cycle without putting my jeans in the washer. I have a cheesecake in the oven, hope my baking is better than my laundry duties.

Some of you may know

Some of you may know, that about 3 years ago, I started building an iOS app with the intention of doing something positive for the US government. We called it Countable, you can download it if you’d like.
Since the inauguration last week, our traffic has skyrocketed – we’ve signed up hundreds of thousands of new users, and have sent nearly a million messages to congress.
Over these last 3 years, I’ve poured myself into this silly project, and in doing so, I’ve become incredibly jaded and depressed about our political system. I see it as a money game for the wealthy, that brainwashes children and forces humans into poverty and slavery. As long as the powerful control how the powerful are chosen, the people don’t matter. I know this is pessimistic, I know it’s not all bad, but it feels impossible to make a difference…
This week, I’ve made a little bit of a difference. I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people have a little bit of a voice, and that feels pretty good.

On Tuesday night the sheetrock in the ceiling of my garage fell onto my Freestyle

On Tuesday night the sheetrock in the ceiling of my garage fell onto my Freestyle, lucky it missed the Mustang. So, took Max to Charlotte on Wednesday to the vet he is still down there until Friday. I’m trying to get my act together to retire at the end of March and have been really looking forward to not having to get up and be there by 7:00AM!! I’m currently working 4 or 3 day weeks and it has been really great able to get somethings done.
So, I need to find someone to take a look at the garage to see what needs to be done. If you know someone that is trust worthy that can help me out let me know.
There has been a lot of stress in my life the last weeks and months that I don’t want or need and I will be changing somethings in my life for my peace of mind. So if you are looking for me and can’t get in touch with me there my be a reason.

This work

This work? It can be energizing and hard, depleting heartwork at the same time. It is real easy to be pulled in multiple directions, with little to show for the work that you do. For people who tend to lead with their hearts and their souls, for people with passion, this work can quickly become tiring as it is necessary and energizing.
How to deal with this dichotomy and have the most impact:
1.) Develop a daily, weekly, or monthly action plan, or a movement strategy.
2.) Be deliberate. Don’t shoot in the dark at whatever social media is going crazy about that day (although some of that will need to be addressed). Decide what you are going to do each day, what organizations matter to you. Figure out where you can have the most impact. Do that.
3.) Check in with the news or two to three organizations that you trust each week. Call senators, congresspeople, school board members, council people, state reps, whoever to address issue if necessary. Save their numbers in your phone. Then send a contact card to a friend. It really only takes a minute to call, I promise. But before you know it, your name will be in their mouth. You want it there. Use scripts if you want. Develop opinions that are your own.
4.) Write your plan down. Literally add it to your planner. Use only the time allotted for this work. There is so much work out there, you can have it take over your life and get nothing else done. This is why we work in teams. Then, set aside time to educate yourself in some way. Read a book. Read neutral media. Read the mission of an organization. Review what the data says. Actually read the language in the bill or proposal. Learn what drives the process. When we can use the process to our advantage because we understand it, we all win.
5.) While it is ok to engage people in their …. whatever….. you call the haters expression of opinions…. it is not ok to stay there. Make your point, move on. Don’t let it personally derail you. Don’t get sucked down into a spiraling argument. Detractors are just detractors. We can have civil conversations where real change can happen or we can just get sucked into an unwinnable war where we get upset and the time for the real work is lost. Work can be done on the flip side to hold those that need to be held accountable, accountable.
6.) Remember the real work. When you get discouraged dive back into the concrete work. It means you have been spending too much time around the rhetoric, and not enough time taking concrete action. Concrete action will always calm your nerves.
7.) Step out of your comfort zone. I have been called out on more than one occasion, (even if not directly) for having the right leaning or motivation, but REALLY going about it in the wrong way. Or just not listening. Listen. Sometimes this work requires growth. We may think we are helping and sometimes? We really aren’t. And while that may really hurt to hear and we might just want to defend ourselves, don’t. Listen, learn, grow.
8.) For every global or national action you take, take one in your community. It will come back to you alot faster.
9.) For every local action you take, take a bit of self care. True self care. Something that will nourish you. It is essential to continue the work.
10.) Join a organization. Consider becoming a board or committee member. Attend a meeting. Serve. We need you.

I think that it is insane to accept the employment of a public official without knowing their full financial accounting when they will have access to sensitive information

I think that it is insane to accept the employment of a public official without knowing their full financial accounting when they will have access to sensitive information.

Long personal & philosophical post:

Long personal & philosophical post:
Or a “keeping it real” (as I call it) post:
Hi! I’ve made a few new Facebook friends lately, and so many people may or may not know much about me.
I’m married with two teenagers. I’ve been through a load of crap:
Breast Cancer Diagnosis Dec 2009
(at the age of 39):
Chemo, double mastectomy surgery, separate upper axcillary lymph node removal surgery (all the lymph nodes out caused lymphedema & permanent chronic pain), & radiation.
The first round of chemo I puked so much that I almost died from hyponatremia (low sodium, electrolyte balance is serious business!). I’m grateful to be here, I almost didn’t make it as a newborn either, double that gratitude for life.
I’m on long term Tamoxifen to keep the breast cancer at bay, so I had a hysterectomy in 2012, because Tamoxifen can cause secondary fatal uterine/endometrial cancer &. complications in surgery caused me to need a walking catheter bag for 4 months.
In fall of 2014 I got diagnosed with ADHD & was put on too high of a daily dose of Ritalin & I had a full blown 3 week hospital stay for a psychosis in January 2015 from it. I take no meds now, I grew up successfully without them anyway.
Then in March 2016, I chose a DIEP breast reconstruction surgery (my own lower belly fat moved up), had a second surgery in September and another one last Wednesday (the photo below of me being smirky, I love being silly, even in serious situations). I hope I’m done with surgeries for awhile!
I’ve also relocated a few times in between these events, as we’re a military family too.
I also had a PET CT scan two weeks ago, because a chest X-ray prior to surgery suspected a metastatic lesion on one of my ribs. It was not cancerous.
I am still in apparent remission, but I wasn’t happy, I was crying & saying a prayer for all of my friends who live with metastatic cancer & for my friends who have passed away from cancer (I have had many friends pass away from cancer).
I NEVER say “lost to cancer”, I detest that phrase, it is incorrect, everyone tries their damndest to live after diagnosis!
And, so, why the long, “trials filled” post, Dara?
Sometimes I need to remind myself with contemplative thoughts about my past, to be grateful for the moment I am living in presently, and that the trials all taught me to always notice the silver linings (often hidden, look hard!) in adversity, the silver linings are what have kept me sane.
And to love & respect myself & where I am today.
Plus, going through all of the above makes me 100% aware of also treating the world around me with compassion, kindness, love, smiles & laughter too, and respect, because you really can’t look at someone & see all the crap they’ve been through, or what they are presently going through.
On that note, I wish all of you the best, my friends, whether we have or have not met in person.
Seize the day and love, light, peace, and hope in 2017. ⭐️❤️
Dara’s Thoughts®©™ (lol!)