So many times I have fallen to my ‘Plan B’

So many times I have fallen to my ‘Plan B’. I’ve wanted to be an actor and a writer. Or an actor and a teacher. Or an actor and an event manager. And I would always find excuses to put time, money and energy into my second thing rather than my first.
I have never procrastinated more before anything than when acting. And it’s because I care so much that I self-sabotage and stop myself.
At a workshop on the weekend Mario Malik told me that I had to focus on only ‘one thing’ for at least the next 12 months in order to be successful at it. I didn’t like that very much!
Right now I’m an actor and a creative director. I started this in the same way, putting more focus onto being a creative director than an actor because it’s ‘easier’. I don’t have to invest as much.
It also brings in my money. So, now I’m trying to find a comfortable balance – focus on it just the right amount so that it works for me. Then put the maximum amount of time, money and energy into acting until acting can start paying some of my bills, and I can increase what I am putting into it.
Things are starting to shift for me, I’m building more confidence in myself and the future.
What is one thing you could do to put a little less effort into your plan B and a little more effort into your plan A?
I’ve decided to make my weekly #adventurevideo (week 13) this take of the monologue I’m working on. I’m doing screen acting classes with the wonderful Shane Savage at Studio Sonder, who I would recommend in a heartbeat.
Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend everyone xx

Who is up for helping to whisp me away in the early hours of the morning (six ey

Who is up for helping to whisp me away in the early hours of the morning (six ey-ehm) on Friday from Thornbury to Melbourne Airport as I embark on my next adventure? If that is you, wonderful, let’s be sparkly together!
Some many wonderful things are happening at the moment, all that I put out to the universe not too long ago. One of them is a trip back home to Brissy to spend some time with my growing (and growing old) family, as well as my close, intense tribe of sacred Scorpios and other astrological outliers that I was gracious enough to adopt into my life.
It so happened to be that earlier this year everyone from my closest circle back home randomly called or messaged me all on the same day, and I took it as a sign that now is the right time to go back home and reconcile my past of my early adult life and childhood with who I am now after a few years of progressing further into my light and learning to shine for who I really am after a fuck load of confronting my shit, healing, and further reassessment and clearing. This is a huge revealing journey for me, and an opportunity to be a presence in the lives of the little ones in my family that know me best as a voice over the phone.
It’s funny, because after mentoring me for a couple of years and closely witnessing my journey, one of my closest friends said that a part of this year would be about me going back home and resolving things, and I could never conceive how or why that would happen, or where the timing would ever be right. And here it is. You’re a genius Clare Dea. Thank you for your powers of perception.
So I told my circle that I’d love to come up in the first week of April for a bit. What manifested was a random occurrence a couple of weeks ago where an offer was generously made for me to be flown up within this exact time period that I had been speaking to everyone about. Fuck yes I’m following my feet there, cause nothing has ever felt so right and far from coming from a place of fear!
Now here we are, and I’ll be joining my spring chickens on Friday morning for some awesome fun. We’ll get to celebrate my best mate Merv’s birthday, go to a 5Rhythms class on my first night home, I’m facilitating a free acting class, having my showreel edited, introducing my beautiful sister Meeks to some delicious treats from Terre Madre that I know she’ll love, starting a coup with my favourite fellow velociraptor Madeline and see how well her new green wall installation and I get on, having a big dinner with all of my mates at one of our favourite colourful haunts that is all about number 42 on the menu, visiting my childhood home that I have managed to avoid as much as possible for years, and say hello to the wetlands at the end of the street, walking on tribal ground. I get to play with my niece, nephews, and little cousins, spend some much needed time with my younger siblings, with my grandparents, with my aunties and uncles.. who’ve all believed and supported me so much from afar, hug my mum, hug my dad, hug my whole fucking family because they’re worth it and I wouldn’t be where I am today without any of them. We are imprinted by each other. This trip is a big fucking thank you to all of them and the time, love, and energy that they have put into me since that day I was born. This trip is about possibilities. This trip is honouring every version of me that has been before, a commitment to myself that I can be all of me, with all the blood, scars, and tears, exactly as I am without any shame in my own fucking city, which is also something that I have avoided. This trip is about adventure. And this trip is about you, and how much more value I can give to you after I have experienced all of this. This trip is about love, and learning to love when you can stand on your own two feet X
Where do I go from that gorgeous explosion of life? Well it’s time to breathe out in ecstasy a whole ‘nother world of possibility with a bit of Easter Confest. Breaking down those boundaries and being, baby!

I just got word via an email in all the colors of the rainbow

I just got word via an email in all the colors of the rainbow, that the Golden Age started a couple of weeks ago. I may have missed that piece of news as it all seems to hinge on the secret earth space fleet “Solar Warden,” which is defending humanity “from the scumbaggery that has been keeping us their slaves for thousands of years.” (insert anti-enslavement emoji here) It goes on about the U.S. Secret Shadow Government (SSG) being taken over by the Negative Alien Agenda (NAA), but thanks to the “25 billion planet strong (as opposed to just the 10 million planet strong Guardian Alliance Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order; GA-MCEO) Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds (IAFW) our secret space fleet now has the technology and clout to take our planet back.” All we have to do is ignore the mass media, stop worrying about money and love each other.

I have accepted the Kozist 7

I have accepted the Kozist 7-day challenge, and today I ValYou
Andrew J. Gerber
Andrew, I have known you since around the time we formally created the Neuropsychoanalysis Foundation about 12 years ago. Your early research was some of the first funded once we began raising money for young researchers. I have observed you grow over the years as a researcher, psychoanalyst, leader at Columbia, APsaA colleague heading the Science Department, and in your current position as Clinical Director and CEO at Austin Riggs.
What I have come to admire and ValYou has been your enthusiasm for every aspect of our field, that research can only enrich clinical work and clinical work enriches research and science. You are bringing psychoanalysis back into science as a respected field, no longer needing to defend itself but rather pushing its focus on what it contributes to positive treatment outcomes, and a better psychodynamic understanding of the mind and brain together. As our mutual friend Mark Solms frequently reminds us, we cannot have a brain without a mind nor a mind without a brain.
You also have a capacity to evoke excitement in both our research and clinical colleagues regarding these important matters in our field. That ability is unique in our profession and organizations. And finally, you have never lost sight of what the work is truly about—helping adults, adolescents and children live happier and more meaningful lives. Too many in our profession can lose sight of the good we are trying to accomplish on behalf of people and our communities, sometimes too occupied in theoretical or research “turf wars,” that interfere with psychoanalysis moving forward. The Kozist Challenge has offered me the opportunity to recognize you as a ValYoued colleague, friend and essential contributor to our field. Kozist
I hope things are going well at Austin Riggs, for you and your family, and look forward to seeing you soon. Warm regards, Mark

*Very interesting

*Very interesting. A must read!*
*Long time ago there lived a great king and two beggars who always stood at the gate of his palace everyday.*
*As the king rode by everyday, the 1st beggar would say ‘blessed is he whom the king helps’ while the 2nd beggar would say ‘blessed is he whom God helps’.*
*The king always felt pleased to hear the praise of the 1st beggar.*
*One evening the king decided to reward the 1st beggar for all the praise; he ordered his baker to bake a cake and wrapped gold inside the cake.*
*The next day as he rode by, he gave the cake to the 1st beggar as he hailed him as usual.*
*The 1st beggar who was in dire need of cash sold the cake to the 2nd beggar at a cheap price.*
*When the 2nd beggar cut open the cake he saw the gold, sold them and became a wealthy man.*
*He did not return back to the kings gate the next day.*
*As the king rode out of his palace the next day, he saw the 1st beggar still begging for money and stopped to ask him if he ate the cake he gave him.*
*The 1st beggar replied and said no sir, I sold it to my friend who was here with me yesterday; I have not seen him today.*
*The king shook his head highly disappointed and confessed silently to himself that: “Indeed Blessed is he Who God helps”*
*Our God is the all knowing God, HE has not forgotten you. God always does His work just in time.*God will help us

Sunday mornings on the Big Island

Sunday mornings on the Big Island. Life is busy here. It’s actually not so simple living off the grid. (Who knew! ) But one of the things I really love is the abundance of fresh food. These markets are filled with so many amazing and exotic fruits and veggies. And it feels so good to buy from locals who are proud of what they’ve made. This morning I told Patrick not to let me spend anymore money buying plants for the house. And what did I do? Spent all our money on plants. Oops! #reallifeabundance

I deleted contacts of each and every creative person I know

I deleted contacts of each and every creative person I know , the producers,rappers,photographers, cinematographers,Magazine Editors, Graphic Designers ,Blog Writers, fashion stylists, fashion designers, printing companies and etc
because I gat tired of plugging some of y’all that don’t work hard enough like other kids and expect me to give you the easy way out while you ain’t gat jack to offer in return
And maybe I also did for myself, I’ve never worked hard enough to actually be at this level of interacting with people that bussed their a** to be where they are
So don’t ask me to plug you in
anymore if you ain’t gat the right drive