Marion VA is blowing an opportunity because of the meth problem here

Marion VA is blowing an opportunity because of the meth problem here.
A simple trip to town and you will see it.
They have a college here now, and other opprotunities, but many who would be living here, and spending their money here, have located to Abbingdon just to the west.
The city looks, sick. Very thin people walking around with sores on them, people coming to your door in the middle of the night, stoned off their butts, etc.
A 12 year old kid yelled, “F- you” at me the other day, just because he could. Clearly he wasn’t raised in the best of families. Big brother is a doper.
This bothers me.
Then, many here will complain that they can’t find a job. Duh.
This is my community now. This pisses me off. I’m going to do something about it.
The city has the broken window syndrome.
Gonna start going to county, and city board meetings and raising hell. If that doesn’t work, I’ll start a media campaign.

I’d say some kids have a way of hustling towards success

I’d say some kids have a way of hustling towards success, but in some situations its not always the case but prayer and determination + people who believe in you towards doing something or being a somebody in the long run
Now lemme tell you a lil story
I started reading HYPE MAG prolly 3 to 4 years ago, each and every issue that would come out every second month I’d coup , I’d get inspired by the lil features that were added in the issues and of course inspiring words by #TheFreditor .Now it came to a point where by Fred was leaving and they had decided to push the game through the online access ,a new guy was going to hold it down and fill up the empty shoes that were left by the Freditor, was he worthy?was HYPE going to be the same again? Am I ever going to get inspired by the words that this guy has? Are they even tough enough to compare with the #Freditorial. Those were the questions I had asked myself (being dissapointed and all) but who was this dude? By coincidence I had read one article that he wrote on my rapper cousin Floydbest, who im not fond of anymore(no offence, but I think he’s still grinding saw he’s vid on MTV) I went back to read it again and it wasnt bad,at the end of the article it was written ROO, he’s full name was Rudzani Khorro Netshiheni, “well at least ndi muVenda” that’s what I had told myself (happy that at least someone has worked so hard and will reppin all the Venda People that are considered as nobodies. Since I was very much interested in knowing more I googled him, I looked everywhere on the socials and I finally found him on instagram, a week went by and a mere thought came through “why don’t you DM this guy? If you lucky maybe he might reply” guess what he did and on top of that he hooked me up with he’s whatsapp contacts. Now trust me I wasnt expecting such and I was super duper humble that this had happened, now on the side I had a Producer friend fat chubby kid who never let things bring him down J-smash King Luvhengo at the time I got the numbers he’s new joint #IDSYN had already been out and he was planning to shoot a music video, now what I think peoples views on this was negative thoughts only , because one, they thought he was just a lucky kid who eventually got Tshegofatso Seroalo on the joint.(okay lemme get to the point)
The music video was shot (by Kyle Whitetv) and from there things were lowkey (from my perspective) now as a friend I deeply wanted to help out so I took the link and passed it to the new guy on the block of HYPE. We waited for a reply and eventually it came (but I think we weren’t expecting what we were told) but today I’m proud to say that my boy will be on the next issue and even though it seems as it’s not much its enough. I’d say I plugged him in but GOd and he’s work ethic let him in

I am a horrible human being

I am a horrible human being. A telemarketer for a charity just called and asked for Bill for like the twenty-eleventh time and I said, “He doesn’t live here anymore.” The guy said, “I’m sorry,” sounding guilty and wretched. This is where the “burn in Hell for all eternity” part comes in, because when he said, “I’ll update our records,” I didn’t think, “Jeanne Estridge, you liar, what is wrong with you?” I thought, “Yes!”
Please feel free to heap coals of fire upon my head.


Okay, author friends, it’s time for me to build an actual, functioning website. Please share your url and, if you’re willing, the name and/or url of the company you worked with to build it. Any insights or words of warning you’d care to share would be most welcome!
Clarification: I’m okay (I think) on the technical end. (I’m a computer programmer for a living, so learning a new language/platform should be doable.) What I need help with is branding and the visual aspects, for which I possess zero (0) talent.

A glimpse into what was perhaps the best decision I’ve made so far

A glimpse into what was perhaps the best decision I’ve made so far.
To fill you guys in a bit, I was invited to be a part of Beachhouse Project – Residency for Creative Entrepreneurs, a networking event for 14 Creative Entrepreneurs, by the main man himself Jaytirth Ahya.
As much as I wanted to go, my head was constantly calculating its cost effectiveness as opposed to putting that money towards marketing One ManUP.
Fortunately I wasn’t foolish enough
to give up on this. 6 days and I’ve made friends who are family now, from all around India .. and Sri Lanka of course ( Hello Zinta ! Haha ) That tops every marketing strategy where I’m concerned.
Working amidst 16 new minds can take you places and show you perspectives you would have never thought of..these guys are the coolest hustlers I’ve come across. And all this taking place in the heart of Fort Kochi made it all the more surreal.
With that being said, I urge each and every Entrepreneur to pursue this – Beachouse Project is all you need.
If you’re looking for a networking event where you can drink beer, brainstorm to grow your businesses, smoke, talk sex and make friends for life, this is it.

How to Dress up Like Michelle Obama

How to Dress up Like Michelle Obama
Get some style inspiration from the classiest First Lady yet. The First Lady gives a speech for Let Girls Learn in a dark paisley dress She may be on her way out of the White House, but she’ll never depart from the public’s sartorial eye (or our hearts). To celebrate Michelle Obama ‘s eight years of fashionable attire in the White House (alongside eight years of tireless crusading against childhood obesity and unequal educational opportunities through her FLOTUS campaigns), we wanted to dedicate this celebrity-inspired post to her. [Note: Because the outfits are largely based off of warm weather outfits, you will need to add a coat or other piece of outerwear to your look for winter wear . Also, if you’re looking for more Obama fashion inspiration, check out my last article, ” How to Dress up Like Malia and Sasha Obama “!] Style Inspiration #1: Feminine & Floral Mrs. Obama wears a blue floral dress post-‘Good Morning America’ appearance Style tip: To update the classy-meets-preppy style that Michelle Obama favors, trade in her favorite brand of turquoise pearls and embroidered flowers for hip twisted beads and floral prints. It’ll be more youthful than the original look, but just as snazzy. Products: Bag – Vera Bradley | Camisole – Nordstrom | Sweater – H&M | Skirt – Modcloth | Necklace and Earring Set – Charming Charlie | Ring – Amazon | Shoe – DSW What to wear: Bright floral patterns Light layers A flowy midi skirt Chunky, matchy-matchy jewelry Style Inspiration #2: Pretty in Pink Michelle Obama wears a two-toned pink dress pre-flight Style tip: Instead of sticking to one color palette for your outfit, mix things up by introducing an accent bag (or any other accessory) in a different shade . It’s refined with a lovely twist! Products: Dress – Gap | Shoe – Zappos | Scarf – Nordstrom | Nail Polish – Essie | Pantyhose – Nordstrom | Satchel – Charming Charlie What to wear: A cinch waist shirt dress Simple, elegant accessories Nude kitten heels Light-colored nail polish Style Inspiration #3: Casually Festive FLOTUS wears a relaxed ensemble while volunteering for Toys for Tots Style tip: For a chill look you can pull off anywhere, adhere to the 3-color maximum rule. Not only will you look good, but you will feel good with so much top-bottom-shoe coordination . Products: Pant – Kohls | Cardigan – Old Navy | Earring – Charming Charlie | Top – H&M | Bag – Zara | Bootie – Zara What to wear: A cardigan sweater Bohemian-inspired earrings Dark top and pants A red accent piece Thoughts? Are you a fan of Michelle Obama’s style? Would you wear any of the outfits above? Do you have any ideas for future College Fashion posts? Don’t forget to comment, share, and like us on Facebook!…/collegefashion/~3/4G7rq4_rGME/