I’ve never watched Gotham

I’ve never watched Gotham, since I prefer the lighter-hearted takes on superheroes, although KC likes it, particularly in large batches, as you get with the season sets. Gotham: The Complete Third Season will be available on Blu-ray (list price $54.97, includes a digital copy) and on DVD (list price $49.99) on August 29. The fight for order and control in Gotham is deadlier than ever with the introduction of cunning, new DC Super-Villains who might alter the future of our heroes and their beloved city. [ 297 more words ]


Well, it worked for Batman and the rest of the Justice League … now comes word that Warner Bros. Animation will be releasing a Scooby-Doo Lego movie. As Scooby-Doo! and his friends are on their way to Blowout Beach for a real swinging beach party in the Mystery Machine, the Ghost Pirates threaten to ruin the gang’s good vibes. It is up to Scooby and the gang to get the party back on track, without missing a beat. [ 69 more words ]

This week on the podcast

This week on the podcast, Damon Lindelof stops by to talk about “Twin Peaks” and “The Leftovers,” which comes to an end this week. In addition to some hard “Twin Peaks” geeking-out, Damon takes us behind the scenes of last Sunday’s great episode of “The Leftovers” (a surreal sojourn into mad spiritual-psychic space that Agent Cooper could surely appreciate) and discusses the pressures of bringing his latest TV saga to a close.

As I’ve mentioned

As I’ve mentioned, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is the only superhero TV show I’m current on right now. (I’m looking forward to catching up on Supergirl soon, but I fear I may have given up on The Flash without noticing it. When the episode backlog on TiVo hits double digits, it may be a lost cause.) That’s because it’s fun and dramatic without too much angst, and I love seeing the characters in different historical eras (particularly when they geek out over seeing young George Lucas). [ 250 more words ]

After complaining about Riverdale early on

After complaining about Riverdale early on, I have to admit that the show grew on me. It helped that I quit thinking about it as an Archie comic adaptation and instead approached it as a CW “angsty teen drama”. It made for fun popcorn viewing, particularly as we settled into the characters and how extreme they could be. It was the CW’s top new show this year, so maybe other people felt the same way. [ 281 more words ]

Two little old ladies came to my door

Two little old ladies came to my door, trying to sell me Jesus in a pamphlet. I’ve been madly working on a difficult chapter for hours. To say I need a shower would be an understatement and I am, naturally, wearing the sloppy gray bathrobe that screams “dysfunctional.” I squinted at them like I hadn’t seen light in days–no contacts and I tend to trip if I wear the computer glasses while walking. I’m sure they thought I was in deep need of saving, likely having hauled myself off the sofa, perhaps knocking over the gin bottle as I came for the door, psycho dogs adding a nice touch of hysteria. Since they’d no idea what I was really up to, I merely asked, “If I let you in, do you think Jesus could get me out of this scene?”

I know a lot of people giggle at the premise

I know a lot of people giggle at the premise — she’s a cop, he’s the Devil, they solve crimes in LA — but Lucifer, starring Tom Ellis, is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. This past season, season 2, increased the family dynamics by adding in his mother, played by Tricia Helfer, to complicate his relationship with Detective Chloe (Lauren German), his angel brother Amenadiel (DB Woodside), his demon friend Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt), and his therapist Dr. [ 300 more words ]