Anyone reading this post please never

Anyone reading this post please never, ever use ADT they are a horrible company and absolutely don’t care about small businesses or anyone in general. In October 2014 we opened an account with for our small fashion boutique, which for smart business reasons we decided to close in Nov 2015. We obviously called to cancel our ADT service since we were no longer going to need them. However, we were told that we had a two-year contract and couldn’t cancel until October 2016! We were extremely upset about that since we were never informed it was a 2-year contract (read everything carefully people), but since we are responsible people we continued paying for our commitment. We were also told that we had to submit a letter in writing and request a cancellation. I followed up immediately and everything was fine, they said they received the letter and will cancel as of October 14, 2016. Well, fast forward 2 years and ADT are still charging our credit card!!! When we called to complain we are now told that it was a 3-year contract, AND, they have no record of a cancellation request. It is a very frustrating situation to say the least. I absolutely dislike this company with a passion. They are like a modern-day Mafia. When you call requesting a refund for the unlawful money they have been taking from your account, you are told “Sorry we have no record of cancellation” and “we are taking you to collections for missing two payments” and now probably more since we stopped our CC company from authorizing any more payments as of August 2017. They were stealing money from us for a whole year I don’t know what else to do to get these demons to stop charging me and reimburse me. I wish them nothing but bad luck and misfortune, and sincerely hope that anyone reading this seriously consider another alternative. They don’t care about small business, you are just another revenue source. Customer service is the worst and they are all trained to lie and hang up the phone on clients. Customer service is a nightmare and conveniently never have any notes of cancellations or call history et al, because this is how they can continue stealing from people. Every year they seem like they keep adding another year to the contract; I want a copy of this contract. I absolutely don’t recommend these crooks to anyone! and please share with your friends. Please be aware friends Attached is a picture of the letter that we mailed Nov 2015 We’ve spoken to James, Mike 1, Reggie, Cindy, Mike2, LAURA (manager that hang up on my husband) and the rudest was Lovante. Sadly there’s never ever notes or record.

Since when did it become a bad thing to wear stripes

Since when did it become a bad thing to wear stripes?! For curvy women to avoid wearing lines across the hips? Sorry but these chicks are gonna own all types of stripes#YouNeedToToo Shatter the long-held fashion rule that dictates certain styles or colors “make you look fat!” That saying always drove me bonkers Choose what makes you delighted: what makes you YOU! Wear your joy!✌

I’m very relieved &amp

I’m very relieved & optimistic. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) sent out letters & petitions. Because there are still medical schools training students using live animals. -Living, loving, trusting dogs. The target school was the Emergency Medicine Residency @ South Pointe Hospital in Ohio. Students participated in horrific live animal labs. The things done behind closed doors are hard to read, but I feel a worse crime would be to NOT read, to turn a blind eye & cold heart to the reality of such terrible cruelty. Students are instructed to make incisions into a live dog’s throat & chest – & cut into the animal’s veins. Trainees also insert needles into the dog’s chest to remove fluid from the sac surrounding the heart. FINALLY, STUDENTS SPLIT OPEN THE DOG’S BREASTBONE SO THEY CAN PRACTICE VARIOUS CARDIAC PROCEDURES, INCLUDING —– STABBING THE ANIMALS HEART! -& what happens to any dog that survives this abuse? Once they’re no longer useful, the helpless dog is killed. Then, they get a NEW DOG. AND SO ON. AND ON….. But thanks to vigorous campaigning, member donations & actions, ppl flooding the hospital w/letters & petitions, & also filing federal complaints against the lab, I’m ecstatic to report that I received an update & this particular lab HAS SINCE STOPPED USING DOGS, to train emergency med residents! This is one victory in a much bigger battle! But a victory nonetheless! Now PCRM & members are focusing on getting animals OUT OF University of Missouri-Columbus School of Medicine, University of Washington & Baystate Medical Center. ANY & ALL support of these efforts IS CRUCIAL. Every moment…..every donation……every voice…..has the power to save innocent animals. WE are their voice. Note: There are proven, validated & widely implemented nonanimal methods that allow trainees to repeat procedures & hone their skills. Currently 88% of surveyed U.S. emergency med residencies (152 of 172) use only NONANIMAL training methods, such as medical simulators. TO ENSURE THAT FUTURE EMERGENCY PHYSICIANS RECEIVE THE MOST EDUCATIONALLY & ETHICALLY SUPERIOR TRAINING AVAILABLE. WE MUST END THE USE OF LIVE ANIMALS IMMEDIATELY. & COMPLETELY! If sending money isn’t an option now, get involved by spreading the word, signing petitions, sending letters. Just make your voice heard!!! We have insurmountable strength in numbers, we can accomplish things now -in days via the internet, that would’ve taken years to do, only a few decades ago. I try 2get my email address to the appropriate agencies, & can sign 50 petitions before lunch! We have more power, & more resources to gain momentum for accomplishing good, than ever before. But we need 2USE those resources, get our voices out there, in order 2DO right. -South Pointe Hospital/Ohio, is proof that THE WILL of the MASSES is a powerful tool. We were informed in Aug, & by mid-Sept.the school had already announced the end of usage of their live animal labs. That, my friends is POWER, -It’s standing up & speaking out for the ones who have no voice. It’s a step in the right direction. & it feels good 2B a part of it. I don’t have much money, & I certainly am NOT powerful, -most times I feel lost, weak, & w/o purpose. But then there are times like these, where it’s quite the opposite. Where I feel relevant, & that my voice IS heard. I’m sure that some ppl won’t understand, & the stingy wealthy 1%ers would def not get it. Would shake their heads in confusion. But why not? -I can’t take $$$ or material items w/me when I’m gone. As long as my loved ones aren’t going w/o. If it’s used to help in places that it’s needed, by those in dire need, then it was earned & used for a real purpose. For a powerful purpose, for goodwill. It’s an attempt @ thank you’s for the times that I needed & received help. Because in truth everyone will be in need at one time or another during their lifetime (maybe not a handout, but at least a hand up). In giving, it assures that when our time comes, help is there. Paying it forward, is the best way to keep goodwill going, showing empathy for humanity, for all life, not just our own, or our immediate family. For every life, for sustaining & improving, loving & caring.

“As you undoubtedly know

“As you undoubtedly know, children learn a thousand times more by actions than they do by words. Telling them that they matter to you, that you love them, that they are important in your life is all well and good (and of course you ought to do it), but there is no substitute for the message that is communicated to them in their guts and in their souls by the fact that you have chosen to spend one of the most valuable things you own — your time — with them. They learn not by the words that you say, but by the things that you do with them that show them that they matter, that they are significant people to you and that you are willing to spend your time and money to include them in a special part of your life.”
This is about the positive effect that traveling with your children has, but I would dare say it applies to the daily as well! Getting out of the house away from the chores and iPads for a little sense of adventure each day can do wonders for us all

I’ve almost rooted myself to the idea that the feral pig problem

I’ve almost rooted myself to the idea that the feral pig problem, well like this.
I think we could much more easily deal with a potential plague or disease outbreak from leaving 1,000s of dead hog carcasses to rot than play by some imaginary rules that the universe does not care about.
Trying to keep hogs out of state parks by use of semi natural barriers…. There are none. That work longer than a week.
I still think a free drop-off of kills to a processing center for use in homeless shelters would be a good start.
But I think it should be officially announced that there is a kill on sight of any hog order so people would be compelled to do something.
A great deal of tax payer money goes to feral hog “research”. At this rate many people could have steady jobs doing nothing else for their entire lives. Because nothing is changing besides the cost to the tax payer. Also remember I’m just talking about Texas, most other states deal with it also. But Texas has no state tax, so…
Tittie sprinkles

I tell you

I tell you… it’s a massive buzz when you see your name on a major event! #FirstDirectArena #RahatFatehAliKhan #TributeTour #NusratFatehAliKhan #9thSeptember #Leeds
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Hillary Clinton wants to come out with a book and blame Bernie on her pathetic loss

Hillary Clinton wants to come out with a book and blame Bernie on her pathetic loss ?! not having it. where has she been since her loss ? She’s definitely not out there trying to help the people she wanted to RULE OVER. she just wants to make money and this book is the perfect example of it. she needs to quit talking about her loss and trying to make money of the 2016 election, and she should try to work on helping the people and resisting TRUMP. Bernie has continued to fight for the people since the election. I blame everyone who voted FOR HILLARY when it was obvious that BERNIE was the better candidate. Now we have Trump

Sooooo beautiful!!!! I am in aww at these!! We are hanging them in our kitchen, because they are to pretty to use! These knives are like nothing I…

Sooooo beautiful!!!! I am in aww at these!! We are hanging them in our kitchen, because they are to pretty to use! These knives are like nothing I have had before! The really are sharp enough to use and I have have washed them without any of the pictures coming off!
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A judge has approved a $70m compensation payout to current and former Manus Island refugees

A judge has approved a $70m compensation payout to current and former Manus Island refugees. The big problem at this stage is how the lawyers will be able to send the money to the refugees who are in Manus prison camp, because we don’t have the right to have bank accounts in this country. The Australian Border Force ordered PNG immigration to prevent the refugees from opening bank accounts. The lawyers should consider this problem and tell the court to solve it.I wonder why Slater & Gordon lawyers dont say anything about how they’ll pay the compensation to the refugees?