All of you will know that I’ve been a vocal supporter of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party this year

All of you will know that I’ve been a vocal supporter of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party this year. Well, it seems all the money I’ve paid and effort I’ve put in was for nothing. I’ve been kicked out of the party for having previously supported the Greens. I am so completely done with party politics. The Labour Party has turned this ambitious and engaged young person into someone who doesn’t see the damn point anymore.

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    1. Yep. Seems Labour’s only interested in defecting Tories now. Clearly any 24-year-old who has identified with progressive politics via another party is too “hard-line” for this lot.

  1. Anywhere left of central right is too hardline for this lot! I’ve been following the coup and shenanigans that followed, jesus wept, its a mess!

  2. Daniel Cox Interesting. Basing my comment on Alistair Campbell’s references on Question Time to needing Tory voters to defect and vote for Labour. Have your politics changed, Daniel, or were you genuinely infiltrating?

  3. Almost identical thing happened to a good friend…refused membership for an anti-fracking tweet back in July. So sinister.

  4. That is also really poorly worded – it sounds as though they’re accusing you of being disrespectful in debate. How on Earth did they reach that conclusion from you previously supporting a like-minded party on social media?!

  5. As you can see, I come down hard on the Green Party and pretty pro-Labour. If anyone should have expelled me from their party for what I wrote, it should have been the Greens. You know what they did instead? Invited me to parliament, to meetings, to become more involved with the party, for coffee with councillors and members. That’s inclusion. I’ve never been treated as poorly as I have by the Labour Party.

  6. Yes it’s not aggressive in the least bit, and at worst you’re opening the parties up for debate. It sounds to me as though Labour are trying to prevent any kind of thought development by banning politically active members *waits for rejection letter*

  7. ~Also I don’t think this is nation wide but in my constituency new members have been told not to attend any meetings until a future, undisclosed date, to secure “non aggressive” debate – branding us all with the same brush and in doing so creating even more anger that the boys club is simply boycotting those who disagree with them.

  8. Wow. So depressing to know they’re literally turning people away because they don’t want Corbyn to win, it makes me so angry to see this happening!

  9. Not yet, but I will be at the end of October/beginning of November. Happy to chat about stories while I’m here though…drop me an email or PM.

    1. Enormous respect for Greens and all that you guys stand for. I don’t think I realised how much more progressive and inclusive the Green Party is compared with Labour. Much to ponder. Be nice to finally grab a coffee with you and Lesley Grahame sometime soon.

  10. Rupert J Read Megan Pay is already a Green member and I was previously. I’m interested in ideas over parties as I’ve said to you before. But think I’m done with paid-for membership allegiances for the moment. Greens much more progressive and inclusive than Labour though, based on my experience.

  11. Sure, let’s do coffee, can we arrange by email? We’d be proud to have you back and looking forward. There is no shame in being ex-Labour- as I am. I suspect being kicked out might soon become a badge of honour.

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