Anyone reading this post please never

Anyone reading this post please never, ever use ADT they are a horrible company and absolutely don’t care about small businesses or anyone in general. In October 2014 we opened an account with for our small fashion boutique, which for smart business reasons we decided to close in Nov 2015. We obviously called to cancel our ADT service since we were no longer going to need them. However, we were told that we had a two-year contract and couldn’t cancel until October 2016! We were extremely upset about that since we were never informed it was a 2-year contract (read everything carefully people), but since we are responsible people we continued paying for our commitment. We were also told that we had to submit a letter in writing and request a cancellation. I followed up immediately and everything was fine, they said they received the letter and will cancel as of October 14, 2016. Well, fast forward 2 years and ADT are still charging our credit card!!! When we called to complain we are now told that it was a 3-year contract, AND, they have no record of a cancellation request. It is a very frustrating situation to say the least. I absolutely dislike this company with a passion. They are like a modern-day Mafia. When you call requesting a refund for the unlawful money they have been taking from your account, you are told “Sorry we have no record of cancellation” and “we are taking you to collections for missing two payments” and now probably more since we stopped our CC company from authorizing any more payments as of August 2017. They were stealing money from us for a whole year I don’t know what else to do to get these demons to stop charging me and reimburse me. I wish them nothing but bad luck and misfortune, and sincerely hope that anyone reading this seriously consider another alternative. They don’t care about small business, you are just another revenue source. Customer service is the worst and they are all trained to lie and hang up the phone on clients. Customer service is a nightmare and conveniently never have any notes of cancellations or call history et al, because this is how they can continue stealing from people. Every year they seem like they keep adding another year to the contract; I want a copy of this contract. I absolutely don’t recommend these crooks to anyone! and please share with your friends. Please be aware friends Attached is a picture of the letter that we mailed Nov 2015 We’ve spoken to James, Mike 1, Reggie, Cindy, Mike2, LAURA (manager that hang up on my husband) and the rudest was Lovante. Sadly there’s never ever notes or record.

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  1. I would ask for a copy of the contract. Without the contract or proof of the contract, you can continue to assert it terminated at the 2 year mark. Any other debits are not authorized and I would demand reimbursement of additional withdrawals. If th…

    1. I will tried all this; thanks
      It’s so painful because is not like we are rich to give our hard earning money to a rich company for a service that we are not even receiving.

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