As a person committed to Dr

As a person committed to Dr. Montessori’s life-long work of establishing lasting peace through education, this cause speaks to my heart.
When I shared this campaign with my class today, including showing them a video of this photographer’s work (link in comments), they were so excited that there is a way that they can make a contribution to these girls’ education. They decided that they would like to match my personal contribution of $20 per month by donating a portion of all of the fundraisers they are doing this year that support their own educational experience. For example, right now they are raising money for new soccer equipment, and a portion of the proceeds will go to fund the education of children halfway across the globe; children with whom they share a special connection: they are all children, they are all passionate about learning, and they all have that special human gift for being able to love and care for other humans that they’ve never met.
Comment on Halim’s original post to have him share their proposal and details about how you can contribute if you are so called.
#oneplanetonepeople #educationforpeace

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