“As you undoubtedly know

“As you undoubtedly know, children learn a thousand times more by actions than they do by words. Telling them that they matter to you, that you love them, that they are important in your life is all well and good (and of course you ought to do it), but there is no substitute for the message that is communicated to them in their guts and in their souls by the fact that you have chosen to spend one of the most valuable things you own — your time — with them. They learn not by the words that you say, but by the things that you do with them that show them that they matter, that they are significant people to you and that you are willing to spend your time and money to include them in a special part of your life.”
This is about the positive effect that traveling with your children has, but I would dare say it applies to the daily as well! Getting out of the house away from the chores and iPads for a little sense of adventure each day can do wonders for us all

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