Borrowed from Rick Flynn

Borrowed from Rick Flynn. Let’s remember that people are not their medical conditions. They are people with medical conditions.
Here are nine people who will lose their coverage under Trumpcare 2.0, and one who won’t. Guess which one:
1. a person with diabetes
2. a person who has had cancer
3. a person with asthma
4. a person with allergies
5. a person with heart disease
6. a person with HIV or AIDS
7. a person with chronic lung disease
8. a person with Cystic Fibrosis
9. a person with Multiple Sclerosis
10. any member of Congress

6 thoughts on “Borrowed from Rick Flynn”

  1. It will be political suicide for anyone who votes to remove the ban on pre-existing conditions. That is terrible. And it is way past time that members of government have to purchase insurance they make us buy. Time they join the real world. Insurance is something that burns me up. I was paying 749 a month last year for 6000 deductible. Needless to say it was a hardship.

    1. I’m covered on Bill’s insurance through work. Obamacare is my fallback plan , but if they get rid of the pre-existing condition rule, I won’t be able to get a policy.

    2. You will be able to get a policy though it may be expensive. Prior to Obamacare I’d checked to see what it would cost to get insurance and it was going to be around 800 or so a month for decent deductible because of my pre-existing condition. Was thrilled about Obamacare which hit one month after my COBRA finished. But each month it went up, ending up at 749 a month with 6000 deductible last year. Obamacare was great for family with minimal income though. It wasn’t perfect and cost me a fortune but at least it cancelled the pre-existing condition.

      There has to be a good middle ground. In my opinion the Republicans have failed to have a new plan waiting in the wings. And both have failed in not working together to come up with a plan for all of us. Take away their doggone insurance. I’m fed up with the politicians who don’t care one bit about us, just their power and money. It doesn’t matter what party. Shame on them!!!!!

    3. I couldn’t agree more. And they don’t even bother to try to hide it because they’ve got the districts so gerrymandered they figure they’ve got the next election tied up with a bow.

    4. You are right. Whichever party is in power realigns to retain the power. It is all so wrong. I would like to build a wall around our property and declare us a sovereign state. I’m just that fed up with the lot of them. No, I’m not an anarchist. I’m just so tired of what politics has become. Maybe I just didn’t realize it was this way 30 years ago or even 20 years ago.

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