By Panos Kotzathanasis I realize this is a huge generalization

By Panos Kotzathanasis I realize this is a huge generalization, but one of the things Asian cinema is known for is the abundance of disturbing films, even in decades where other regions were ruled by the strains of conservatism and were shocked by even the smallest amount of nudity on cinema. This element applies particularly to Southeast Asia, with Japan and Hong Kong producing an abundance of films that broke any kind of taboos human ever conceived. What is even more impressive is that most of these productions are actually good films, although their quality is a bit difficult to discern under the scores of violence, gore and shocking elements. Here are the 20 most disturbing films Asian films of all time by date, in a list that, once more, could have included many more films. 20. Harakiri (Masaki Kobayashi, 1962, Japan) In feudal Japan in the 17th century, the ongoing peace has brought the samurai caste to its knees, as they have no work and no money. In their despair to find a noble way of dying, many of them resort to requesting permission from their lords to commit hara-kiri. Chijiiwa Motome arrives in front of Saito, the Daimyo’s senior counselor, and states that he wants to commit seppuku. As this request is part of a series of identical “fake” requests, the three most senior samurai of the clan persuade Saito to order Motome to fulfill his request. However, as Motome’s request was not real, he did not carry with him a katana, but rather a bamboo blade. This fact enrages all of the bystanders and finally, Saito orders him to proceed with the specific sword. Masaki Kobayashi shot the aforementioned scene in the most grotesque fashion, as the fact that the sword is wooden makes the act slower and more agonizingly → continue… From:: Taste Of Cinema 3384621

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