Chapter 9: “The Dark Queen”

Chapter 9: “The Dark Queen”
As she sleepwalks and sleep talks at the surface of the earth she created mass destruction, with her raging aura of anger towards Humanity who keeps adding their sins piling up.
Lucy: Gula you keep eating too much, you’re all very greedy that you even take money from the poor, Luxuria you people are sex hungry, you people even rape little children putting them down. Making them unhappy about their life and ending up doing suicide. Avaritia, yes you’re all very greedy. You keep everything to your damn selves and don’t give anyone anything you just keep taking and never giving. Superbia you’re all very Prideful, you never back down even though you’re in the wrong. Ira you never think twice you use your anger in everything you do, even those who never had any sins you all killed them. Acedia you’re all too lazy to fix your problems perhaps you all want to Burn in hell!!!
The Ground shakes harder as she muttered all those things while she was walking and muttering her dark aura rises with her anger towards the humans and everything they did, Putting Theos on Guard since the date he had with Atria, that’s why he ignored Atria’s sexual teasing making Atria a bit embarrassed inside.
Theos: *Holds his sword and Faces the Dark Queen* she seems stronger than me, so I will confirm whose stronger.*He rushed in to slice Lucy’s head off*
The Shaking ground suddenly rolls a boulder pushing Theos away. Two of the Knights in The Palace were actually capable of God grade Magic. The one who created the boulder was Paul envy, with envy written on his name he’s actually the Sin of envy. Atria was shocked about how strong that magic was, it was capable of pushing Theos away.
Paul: None of you will Rule the world, I’m the one who will Rule it all.-He stated with an angry Voice-
-Look forward for more
-Kuro Demabildo

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