Dear friends:

Dear friends:
Help me, please! I am going to be making some assistive technology tools in 2016. Ideally but not exclusively, they will use a single-board computer such as the Raspberry Pi. And I could use your help!
Being disabled really sucks. Yes, there are blessings to be had but, for the most part, total suckage. Quite often, creative people don’t make such products are there can not only be little or no profit to be made but you’re also saddled with the cost of creating, developing and designing prototypes. Likewise, the market for an assistive technology device might be too small for a company to bother developing for.
Here’s my first draft on a solution we can all take part in.
Some of you are disabled. Some of you have family or friends that are disabled. And nearly everyone has had a “Why don’t they make “X” for people with a specific disability. Here’s your chance to contribute your imagination and expertise while doing something that could change someone’s future.
If you have such an idea, please let me know via email. My addy is myFirstName ‘at’ myLastName followed by a period (full stop) and “com”. PLEASE DO NOT post ideas here on Facebook. If we decide to work together, you get equal status in inventing it. I can’t offer more than that as I plan on publishing enough details that people can either make their own or take them to someone who can. We might also sell them but the profits, if any, will be put back into the company.
If we get enough cool ideas, we won’t have the time or money to make all of them. For at least some of those ideas, I will try publishing the ideas and our solutions either as a book, ebook or on a bespoke website. The proceeds back into the company. If we have to hire people to help out, we will all get the same salary.
The only thing I can offer is egoboo: giving you credit for your idea and/or help in creating new tools for those that truly need them. To get started, just send me an email so I can send you a note spelling out what I’ve just put above.
Think simple. I can donate my time and talents (such as they are). I ask that all ideas sent to me will become the property of the non-profit/charity I will be trying to set up (I think it takes time to qualify as one in the UK). If the idea hasn’t been used to create a prototype after three years, commercial rights revert to you if you wish.
Perhaps you can donate time and talent as well. But, most importantly, I need your creativity. Of course, if you’re sitting on millions and wish to help fund us that would (obviously) be welcome as well. My most immediate need is for a lawyer to help set up the company and to create the formal contracts. As I am on full disability, I do not have the money to set this up. I also need a good web designer and at least one artist. We also need a name for both the company and the structure we’re trying to set up.
These ideas don’t have to be complicated or have a huge market. Initially, it’s a positive if the concept isn’t too complicated or requires months and months of development. I’ve posted some examples below. The ideas don’t require that a computer be used.
TL;DR (Too Long, Didn’t Read): I wish to create a non-profit/charity organisation that creates great examples of Assistive Technology. Can you help out? If so, please read the whole post! 😉 Then send me a private email to get the ball rolling.
Please send me query emails rather than simply posting here. I don’t know the laws here but I want to make sure we own the ideas rather than some corporate greed-head patenting the idea and, this, keep us from offering the idea to the general public for free or for a small fee.
I don’t believe I am re-inventing the wheel. Contributors, designers, and users of our products will all have a voice in plotting the direction of the company.
Please help! 🙂

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