Her record is patchy but I’ll admit

Her record is patchy but I’ll admit, it’s a lot better than I thought it was – I honestly wasn’t aware of the major role she played in the introduction of same sex marriage. VERY glad she’s dropped her plan to leave the ECHR, though – and I’m sure many minority groups will be watching her government with a wary eye.

6 thoughts on “Her record is patchy but I’ll admit”

    1. European Court of Human Rights – not part of the EU so we’re not Brexiting it, but she’s been ad advocate of leaving their treaties for years – but changed her mind when she launched her leadership campaign

  1. I do wonder whether Leadsom was put in purely to a) make May look palatable to the rest of us and b) turn the Labour leadership issue into an inconsequential sideshow.

    1. the trouble with conspiracy theories is they make the perpetrators look incredibly clever and organised. I don’t buy it

  2. Fair comment. However, I still think the timing if not the fact of Leadsom’s announcement was designed to put Eagle firmly into the shadows.

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