Hillary Clinton wants to come out with a book and blame Bernie on her pathetic loss

Hillary Clinton wants to come out with a book and blame Bernie on her pathetic loss ?! not having it. where has she been since her loss ? She’s definitely not out there trying to help the people she wanted to RULE OVER. she just wants to make money and this book is the perfect example of it. she needs to quit talking about her loss and trying to make money of the 2016 election, and she should try to work on helping the people and resisting TRUMP. Bernie has continued to fight for the people since the election. I blame everyone who voted FOR HILLARY when it was obvious that BERNIE was the better candidate. Now we have Trump

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  1. it doesnt matter what I wanted, its what is right and wrong. Chris Connolly it is a simple fact that THE DNC was against Bernie the whole time also. You love HIllary and nothing anyone will say can change your mind. I am not here to change your mind! Hillary will go down in history as the most pathetic loss ever. Peace

  2. (And I don’t particularly love Hillary Clinton, but I do hate the sexism and hysterical hate towards her that 25 years of Republican slanders have generated.)

  3. She lost to the least popular republican in history. I’m sick of her shit. Go home and count your money and THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU DID grl

  4. Of course it matters. He wanted the nomination of the Democratic Party, without being a Democrat, and spending a lot of his campaign attacking the Democratic Party.

    And then you are surprised that leaders of the Democratic Party aren’t fans? Come on. They are humans, just like everyone else. If you want to get elected to head the organisation, then don’t trash talk it and the work that people in it have done.

  5. the system was rigged. therefore the best candidate never won. You believe the best, most qualified candidate was trump? just because he won doesnt make him the best candidate

  6. How was the system rigged? People voted, their votes were counted. Bernie lost. Nothing rigged about it. He lost fair and square.

  7. “The DNC was against Bernie the whole time” = Bernie and his supporters are still blaming everyone else when in reality Bernie needs to own up for his own devastating loss.

  8. I though you Bernie people wanted to see the back of her after the election. Now you shout “Where has she been?”

    It’s a simple fact that a lot of Bernie supporters repeated Republican lies about HRC during the primaries (“she wants to RULE over us like a QUEEN”.) They shouldn’t be surprised that people believed them come November….

  9. Still won the popular vote… It’s the electoral college that needs to be re-evaluated and what that means is where certain county lines are drawn geographically and how those lines have been shifted over years and years to favor specific parties when voting and their constituents come…

  10. let me guess… you’re posting this rant without actually reading the book nor really anything unbiased about it and you’re just mirroring whatever non sense you’ve read other people post? Just another blind bernie bro moment?

  11. Jorge Mdahuar Bernie still has a seat in government. It would probably seem a bit strange for Hillary to run for Senate again. But who knows what she’ll be up to next. Or he.

    1. I feel like your the only person who thinks this- same as me. Even Bernie supported women’s march for example. Hillary had no gd presence

  12. I have one question… how many of you that supported Bernie Sanders voted for Hillary Clinton when he said to support her?

    1. Hey now, they are able to make their own decisions and do not ever have to support Clinton. Of course, everyone who voted Clinton just needs to tell her to go away and throw their unquestioning support behind Bernie!

  13. I’m just how many people actually stopped listening to him at that point. Some of my personal friends went batshit crazy when he said it.

  14. Jorge Mdahuar it seems like you have alot of friends who dont understand why Hillary lost and Trump won…guess they never listened to Bernie enough to understand why Trumps messages resonated so much with voters.

  15. She is 100% correct. Hun its basic math. Up until bernie when dems had a canadiate after 1 wins the party reconnects and fight as one. The bernie or bust movement cut our party in half. People were more concerned about the principle than the concern of…

  16. “A lot of Bernie Supporters repeated Republican…”

    The RNC wanted no parts in covering HC or BS. Trump was an avid HC supporter and used Bernie’s rhetoric to dismember the DNC’s shitty choice during GE. The elephants played the same Benghazi and Email Tunes Bernie played; had nothing to do with a Queen.

  17. I blame the Democratic Party for the mess in the primaries. I blame the proud liberals who didnt vote for her in the Presidential Elections. I was there for Bernie but voted for Hillary cause even though I didnt want her, I wanted Trump even less.

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