I finished Revision 1

I finished Revision 1.0 of Bight of the Lamprey on Bastile Day 2016 July 14. It came in at 34,599 lines and 313,254 M$words w/o Absent Friends which I am continuing to write / edit. The balance of the story I’m holding off of. Bight of the Lamprey was my NaNoWriMo project last year. Fathers of empire 21 last I looked. It is the story that used to precede “The Sovereign” (Now Sons of Empire #6) which was the first story I wrote in the Space Empire series back in 1983! It is a big mess.
It is a trilogy and a Midshipman Hornblower In Space set in 2067 – 2080 (It is a LONG mission). The first book is High Endeavor (Named after the ship he is on, as are all the books) he is 10 to 16 or so. The thing I liked about it is that there are a pair of unique writing challenges: 1) there is ONE scene where the three principal characters ‘going in’ are in the same place at the same time, 2) There is one scene in “gravity”. They are the first and last scenes. When I started this writing this story I had only Dave, Ted and The Emperor as characters. The rest were drawn from the usual sources, and from Absent Friends.
I really over used the writer’s best friend in this story – “What happens next?”
There are two scenes or a sub plot and a scene (important in Lamprey or Book II) to add yet. Only got the content of the subplot on the road a couple of days ago – the important part is to show the relationship between Dave (the hero) and Ted (The Spock of the story). It also explains how an important background item in the “Cold Streets of America” group came to be.
The other scene sets up the importance of the Space Grabber bearings and how they operate. One of them fails during critical maneuvering (Leviathan’s Dancing) in Lamprey and is an action high point of the story.
I find I’m talking about one of the last sequences in Lamprey a lot. The Griffin is about to go into earth orbit and there is great fear that something will go wrong and they’ll hit earth (and that would be a BAD DAY!) Prof. Rajput an Oxford Astronomer explains that they have absolute control of how high they are, and if something goes wrong they’ll be higher, not lower. However, when they arrive it will be disaster anyway – it will be as profound an event for earth and its people as the day that the Nina Pinta and Santa Maria arrived in the Caribbean was for the American Indians. Because of this he has paid all his debts, he’s bought a farm and a heard of cattle and is prepared generally for a deep and dark economic depression like 1930 or 2051 why? Because Griffin has 1200 Ktonne of gold on board and the market had 400 KT of it last week, and that is just the tip of the iceberg! He goes on to say that now the Space Empire will run earth, not the other way around.
I finished Bight of the Lamprey Rev. 1.0 Bastille Day (2016 July 14) and have started Rev. 1.1 Abnormal – I’m 1) resorting the story into linear order (Orbital mechanics that were done with Rev. 1.0 caused things to shift a bit and other moves are necessary because “What Happens Next” wasn’t always “Next” but what came to mind. 2) Adding the two scenes in High Endeavour (it is only 87 Kword and too short) 3) reviewing the orbital mechanics and getting them properly sorted (well enough they won’t bother the reader unless they are an orbiteer and there aren’t many of them, and they’ll likely let me get away with it – I’m constantly varying continuous thrusting on one leg of the journey and that is a mess!)

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