It’s been occasionally speculated that the best way to force the whole country onto a specific government

It’s been occasionally speculated that the best way to force the whole country onto a specific government-run “solution” is to completely and utterly tank the present circumstances. Like, really and deliberately botch things to hell. Screw it totally.
Then declare a national emergency crisis. For the sake of quickly railroading things through.
Once the smoke clears, it’s too late. We’ll never be rid of the “solution” ever again. Not until or unless the whole federal system literally collapses. Paychecks for all the employees bounce. Banks and reserves emptied. The dollar trashed to zero value.
Again, politicians don’t care about doing the courageous or the right thing. Show me a courageous politician and I will show you somebody who doesn’t care if (s)he is voted out of a job.
They can be found, but they are few.
Democrats and Republicans alike, only have eyes for the next election cycleโ€”and buying their way back into office. With money that does not exist, to pay for programs which are not sustainable.

29 thoughts on “It’s been occasionally speculated that the best way to force the whole country onto a specific government”

  1. No one who *can* win an American election *deserves* to. No one who *deserves* to win an American election will debase themselves to run.

  2. As a railroad startup guy, I object strenuously to the term “railroading.” ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ramrodding, steamrolling, etc. With apologies to musketeers and road pavers, of course.

  3. The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.

  4. Most libprogs dreaming about a totalitarian state aren’t completely stupid. They know that if the economy doesn’t do a soft landing, we’ll look like Venezuela. Which is what Obamacare was designed to do, cause a soft crash. One more piece of the puzzle. Once it collapses, well, of course single payer is the only solution. Think of the children!

  5. Washington. Sure he was human, he made mistakes, but the people wanted him to be king. He refused. Giving up that kind of power and running in an election wasn’t debasing himself.

    I believe there are still good men who have simply do not ask for the light that all these others seem to cherish. I also believe that there are more of them who have yet to step forward in service to the country because they believe they are not needed yet.

  6. I’m assuming you also don’t want me to include local officials.

    I would say Reagan was someone that wanted the best for the people and did a fine job. He didn’t debase himself by running.

  7. I would argue that he didn’t deserve to win because of things like expanding the deficit and not doing anywhere near enough to shrink government. But that discussion could take years and cost millions of lives.

    I really do think the last worthy president we had was Coolidge.

  8. I’ve already seen a lot of liberals I know say “Well, Obamacare is a failure but that’s why we need single payer.”

    So a government solution fails so we need more government to solve it. I’m sure it makes sense but the BAC required to understand it is lethal for most folks.

  9. Coolidge is massively overrated, by accidentally becoming an incumbent president and then not running again just before the country imploded. He supported Hoover on purely political grounds, and thus helped to usher in nearly half a century of Democrat hegemony.

    I’ll happily argue there wasn’t another entirely free and fair presidential election in the US until 1968.

  10. And Trump has outright said that is what he wanted was single payer. One reason he is all for letting Obama care to fail.

  11. Jerry Lawson And when you hire somebody to mow your lawn, then they bulldoze the whole thing into the street and burn your house down, are they on the list of contractors you hire to rebuild?

  12. Of course! it was OBVIOUSLY an accident, an ‘unintended consequence’ that nobody could have foreseen, so in all ‘fairness’ you should DEFINITELY give them another chance!

    Or not. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Ike did nothing when the Arab states nationalized the property of U.S. companies, namely the oil fields.

  14. I hadn’t heard that bit. In his defense, though, I beileve he was rather busy at the OTHER end of Asia…

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