I’ve almost rooted myself to the idea that the feral pig problem

I’ve almost rooted myself to the idea that the feral pig problem, well like this.
I think we could much more easily deal with a potential plague or disease outbreak from leaving 1,000s of dead hog carcasses to rot than play by some imaginary rules that the universe does not care about.
Trying to keep hogs out of state parks by use of semi natural barriers…. There are none. That work longer than a week.
I still think a free drop-off of kills to a processing center for use in homeless shelters would be a good start.
But I think it should be officially announced that there is a kill on sight of any hog order so people would be compelled to do something.
A great deal of tax payer money goes to feral hog “research”. At this rate many people could have steady jobs doing nothing else for their entire lives. Because nothing is changing besides the cost to the tax payer. Also remember I’m just talking about Texas, most other states deal with it also. But Texas has no state tax, so…
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