Like many writers

Like many writers, I’ve lived with anxiety. And like many of you, I’ve hid the reality of what that means, even from the people I love most. But if we continue to hide it, those around us, and society as a whole, will never understand. Here’s a quick sketch of what it means to live with anxiety.
I’m thankful that I’ve tamed this beast, for the most part, though it still growls at me from time to time. For those of you still suffering from regular attacks, I offer my hugs, and my understanding.

11 thoughts on “Like many writers”

  1. Anxiety and depression seem to alternate in my life. I have found daily vigorous exercise is a big help.

    1. That’s been the key for me: several walks a day, biking, and, perhaps most importantly, yoga. I’ve learned to understand anxiety is a very physical response, and that exercise counters it …

  2. for me, anxiety caused my body to shut down. i couldn’t digest food anymore, lost 30 pounds in a month. i stopped sleeping. i became really claustrophobic. a good counselor helped me navigate all of this and eventually those severe physical symptoms went away but i know i will live with this for the rest of my life. i appreciate this video because it’s all true – it also shows us that we can still live our lives well, we just have different things we cope with and different ways to manage anxiety.

    1. The thing is, most of us to continue to function, and many of us function well. My own family often wasn’t aware of what I was going through …

  3. Thank you for sharing this Gail Anderson-Dargatz…I happen to know and love a couple people who live with serious anxiety.

    1. Most of us do, unfortunately. Seems to be a cultural problem … and a real issue in our schools …

  4. I agree….the schools were terrible….one of our boys was unable to finish school due to the lack of understanding…a square peg in an all to round system!

  5. Very important stuff! I spent most of my life with anxiety and hypervigilance that ruined my body by my mid-20s. I’m still not 100% better.

    I definitely think it’s a major societal issue and is one of the reasons I wrote the book I wrote. That process is what helped me, and I feel very strongly that society needs to do better when it comes to emotional intelligence so we’re not just treating the symptoms of this, but preventing it. Thanks for sharing. ❤️

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