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My most in-depth interview ever with Sudha Pillai, News Features Editor with Bangalore Mirror.
Waking up to this brilliant write & nothing could have captured the journey of ‘The Chain Of Destruction’ & Fatherland better !
Here’s the full e-read –…/I…/articleshow/51170946.cms
Can’t thank you enough !

15 thoughts on “My most in”

  1. Like your style but there is a lot of fusion stuff that you can do which I’m sure will be killers or even the old Tagore style with a contemporary twist Think about it

    1. This was one Q we addressed during the inception of our space
      Its mostly the ‘Indian with a contemporary twist’ which is been done widely. And I want to do without it & stay earthy. I guess I am a purist & touch wood some people like that instead

  2. Ron You are a Calcutta boy and I wish to see you right on top so these comments BTW fusion means not East-West but fusion amongst traditional couture from around India or the sub-continent if you may

  3. It’s a bit goose bumpy to see and feel the prints about stories I heard on my grandfather’s knee, and names that evoked a sense of power and most myths do. My black and white and emerald green are outstanding, Ron Dutta!

  4. Fantastic write up and Congratulations Ron! You are truly a designer & artist with a great flair for story telling! Your weaves will continue to educate current and future generations of forgotten fable tales and what they mean today.

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