No hay un precio en el mundo

No hay un precio en el mundo, por el que podría renunciar
a los valores más altos.
¡Personalmente recomiendo a respetar los derechos humanos y las libertades fundamentales!
Cada uno tiene derecho a la libertad de pensamiento y de expresar su punto de vista.
#OpenYourEyes by #MarekMagiera
There is no price in the world for which I would renounce the highest values.
I personally advocate the protection of human rights and basic freedoms!
Everybody has a right to the freedom of thought and freedom of speech.

39 thoughts on “No hay un precio en el mundo”

    1. Yes, of course! 🙂 I am particularly grateful to people who post my messages, on their websites.
      Marce Mendoza I greatly appreciate your thoughtful comments!

  1. Marek Magiera you are true inspiration to me,and I truly believe you have such a powerful and positive message that will make such a beneficial influence on our survival and improvement as human beings,and I really admire you for your message

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