Oh my gosh

Oh my gosh, poor Jonathan has a cold and is SO miserable. I just sat in a steam-filled bathroom while the hot shower ran so he could breathe a bit. He’s not eating and he’s doing this horrible little whimpering thing. Sigh. Everyone pray this passes quickly please. Yes, I had him checked out at the doc today and was told it’s a cold (which Nathaniel is also getting over). SO…because of this kid waking himself up crying and coughing twice last night, I did not get up at my scheduled 5:00 AM time to get my 39-minute Insanity cardio workout done this morning…which means it’s been hanging over my head all day. And now Jonathan has finally gone to sleep (without eating–which I don’t like) so that means I’m over here posting this real quick and then YES, I’M GOING TO DO THAT 39 MINUTE WORKOUT because… GOALS. Of course, I’m looking at the pic on the right of me in the purple and I’m like THAT GIRL NEEDS TO EAT SOMETHING. What? You don’t do that too? ‘Fess up! Bahahaha! But I remember how GOOD I felt when I took that pic. The energy to run around after my kids was there. My clothes FIT me. My rings were LOOSE. I was IN CONTROL of my nutrition. My body looked GOOD and my muscles were in shape. That’s a cool feeling. So that’s why I’m doing my workout. Plus, I’ve got a crazy Facebook fitness accountability group of peeps who are LONGING to see my sweaty selfie. HAHAHA! I motivate them; they motivate me…and I just cannot let them down. Soooo…my point is this: LIFE HAPPENS. Kids get sick. You run out of time in the day. Your body is tired so you sleep in. Life as usual. BUT…nothing changes if nothing changes, you know what I’m saying? Guys, I became a health and fitness coach with Beachbody because I need the kick in the butt. I need it every day. I’m a mom of six kids. I’m a busy lady. I stream these programs via my Roku and they give me 20-40 minutes of focused exercise and every part of my body gets worked out. I legit wake up, look at the calendar, push “select” on the workout for the day, and I get results. There’s no thinking involved. Tell me what to do and I’ll do it. It’s a thing of beauty. I can use my brainpower to figure out how to keep Jonathan comfortable. There’s a REASON I picked Beachbody. The products WORK. This is not a gimmick; it’s not a quick fix. It’s hard work and discipline; it’s a lifestyle. It’s saying, “I know what I want and I’m going for it.” I drink the superfood shakes every dang day because 1) they taste good, 2) I get all my vitamins and minerals plus protein plus over 70 superfoods, 3) it’s the quickest and easiest breakfast ever, and 4) it’s way cheaper than breakfast at Starbuck’s AND way healthier. So guys, what are you waiting for? I’ve got a really fun and free “closet challenge” Facebook group starting up on November 1st where the winner earns a shopping spree and you get to be part of an amazing bunch of like-minded peeps, I’ve got a super awesome deal for you all that gets you a year’s worth of access to a billion different workout programs for $99, an even sweeter deal when you try out the shakes I drink every day, and I’ve even got a 100% money back guarantee. WINNING. Who’s ready to join me? I’m so excited to get this party started! WHOO! Drop a “I want more info,” in the comments below and we can chat! Now…off to get this exercise done! #nothingchangesifnothingchanges #exercise #fitness #workout #nutrition #helpneeded #nogimmicks #realfood #accountability #workoutathome #yesyoucan #lifeisgood #itcanbedone #loseweight #makethechange

8 thoughts on “Oh my gosh”

  1. Yes! Love everything about this!!!
    Thanks for being my inspiration…wouldn’t be here without you!

  2. So sorry about the littles getting sick, this weather is horrid!!! But THANK YOU for always being really and motivating me!

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