Some of you may know

Some of you may know, that about 3 years ago, I started building an iOS app with the intention of doing something positive for the US government. We called it Countable, you can download it if you’d like.
Since the inauguration last week, our traffic has skyrocketed – we’ve signed up hundreds of thousands of new users, and have sent nearly a million messages to congress.
Over these last 3 years, I’ve poured myself into this silly project, and in doing so, I’ve become incredibly jaded and depressed about our political system. I see it as a money game for the wealthy, that brainwashes children and forces humans into poverty and slavery. As long as the powerful control how the powerful are chosen, the people don’t matter. I know this is pessimistic, I know it’s not all bad, but it feels impossible to make a difference…
This week, I’ve made a little bit of a difference. I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people have a little bit of a voice, and that feels pretty good.

16 thoughts on “Some of you may know”

  1. That’s amazing Neil! I didn’t know that you were involved with this, or that you got into the full stack world. Great stuff.

  2. And kudos to Tim Maurer Drea Holiday and Bart Myers for all their hard work building this app with you.
    The combined vision has certainly made it a powerful tool.

  3. I remember talking to you in April (while we were in GoT costumes) doing a thoroughly bad job of trying to tell you to stick it out and that the work you are doing is good. I am so proud of you and the Countable team!

  4. MY BRAIN ACTUALLY HURTS RN. This is nuts. I use countable literally every single day and I had ZERO idea it was connected to you in any way

  5. Hahaha.
    I think my absurdly high UX standards and my jaded points of view on the politics system has kept me from posting about it much in the last few years. Glad you’re liking/using it. I’m working hard trying to make it better.

    1. I didn’t know you and neil knew eachother! I watched your channel all the time when i was in high school lol. I love the internet.

  6. Great, Neil. I’d like to download your app. It is what we must do to copunter all the right wing stuff. The Tea Party was very much funded by big money. They had a great time converting so many Republican seats. What’d do I need to do?

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