Sometimes people ask me how Brian Doyle is doing

Sometimes people ask me how Brian Doyle is doing. I don’t really know much, but I do check in every now and then at GoFundMe and CaringBridge, where his family and wife’s best friend, Catherine Green, post updates. The latest (from yesterday) says, in part:
“Brian is thankfully out of pain, much more himself and tolerating his first round of radiation and chemo treatments well, other than complete exhaustion.”
and follows with a note of thanks from Brian:
“Every single day kindness and love walk through the door. Every single day we are inspired elevated touched moved by the astonishing grace and generosity of so many. Every single day there is a moment when we realize we are being held up by so many gracious hands. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for taking care of our family.”
Perhaps you might consider donating some money to help the Doyle family. Many, many people have done so already, which is heartening.

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