Thank you Susan Lupton for sharing your experience

Thank you Susan Lupton for sharing your experience. It’s important that people hear from participants on what Heart Becoming is like for them.
"I attended a 3 day immersion with Sarah, Fleur and Thessa the end of January. It turned out to be the "thing" that has been eluding me for the past 25 years. I’ve done it all. Traditional paths and all kinds of crazy stuff!
My best explanation is: imagine you have never ridden a bike, and you are passionate about wanting to learn.
You watch your friends ride bikes. You read up on how to ride a bike. You take courses that go into great detail about how to ride a bike.
You find the best cyclist in the world and discover that she/he is gifted, and can transfer the perfected state of riding a bike to you. You spend lots of money!
You do all those things….but….sigh…you are still not riding the bike.
This was my experience with spirituality. I sat at the feet of fully enlightened masters, so intense I thought I would die. It was amazing! But those were borrowed experiences…
This work gives you the direct experience, that all paths are pointing to.
No more having to borrow an experience from someone in a more expanded state. Or use teachings. It’s just you and infinity. Playing.
And it’s not a perfect world. Sometimes I crash my bike. So I just get back on. Trial and error. Learning what works with whatever is arising. All experiential with no need to think my way through anything."- Susan Lupton
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