The American Health Care Act is a pile of garbage that will hurt millions more than even Obamacare did

The American Health Care Act is a pile of garbage that will hurt millions more than even Obamacare did. Premiums will be higher next year than this year under the ACA. Oh, they didn’t tell you that right? Older people and the sicker will pay more money than someone who is younger for the exact same coverage. Literal exact. The Republican Senate healthcare bill is considered worse than the House Republican bill.
And no, the bill is not going to be cheaper or better for Americans. They took out the essential healthcare benefits and medicaid is taking a massive cut(more than $800 billion). Meaning those who need help the most cannot get it. The bill gives tons of help to the rich and more money to the insurance companies who have cheated Americans for decades. And no, more money to insurers doesn’t mean they’ll cut costs.
It’ll be the gas situation. Gas was near $1.00 at one point and rose up over time. It did go down from the high area it was before but it is still near $2.00 depending on where you are. Gas stations compete in some places, but it is only by a few cents. That’s in places where there is competition. If a gas station is by itself, then it won’t have a need to lower prices. In Alabama alone, the main insurer for people who are not connected to a job insurance is Blue Cross. There are very few other insurers who offer healthcare here. Most are not good on price and most docs are out of network.
That said, you’re paying more for them so Blue Cross wins out. They know they will, so all they have to do is tout the things they “can” do and that is enough. But you’re paying more for less even still. So some states may have competition but many others won’t.
President Trump himself called the bill “mean” when in an interview after being told Obama called it similar saying “I called it mean first, that was my word.” Seriously. Yet the President is still apparently willing to sign the bill that will break promises to most of the people who voted for him as of now.

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