The formal launch of my Patreon approaches

The formal launch of my Patreon approaches! I always feel a little hinky asking people to support things like this–note that the hinkiness only applies to me; I’m happy to support others, but like so many of us, I have a fierce case of imposter syndrome–but this is making my move possible, and I am so, so grateful to everyone who’s supported or signal boosted.
First story goes live on June 1st, and is a Tybalt piece. I’m committed to one story a month for a year.

16 thoughts on “The formal launch of my Patreon approaches”

  1. Question regarding the $50+ level: “In addition to everything above, I will send you two chapbooks, each featuring a single short story written for the Toaster Project … ” — since the level above was $25+ that included two chapbooks, does this mean the $50+ level includes a total of four (4) chapbooks as well as an art card?

    1. I am confused about this as well…they way I THINk it goes is you pay $50 for each time she post a story. Would love to do that but just can not swing it. I would appreciate a clarification as well.

  2. Apologies if this is obvious, I have no experience with the website. If we do say, $5 is it a flat $5 per month or is it an automatic $5 each story? I’m confused and I would like to support but I want to make sure I don’t get in over my head in pledges that wind up being more than I thought. Thanks

    1. Creators can do it either way. I have it set as “per thing,” rather than “per month,” with a promise of no more than one thing per month.

  3. No, alas; two chapbooks is what I can afford to produce/ship period, in terms of both cost and time. So every “chapbook inclusive” level will get two, stories TBD. The $50 level just also gets the art card.

  4. Diana Sayers Grubbs Yeah, it’s a recurring charge thing. You can do one month and drop out (obv.), but then you wouldn’t have access after that one month. If you wanted to do a single month at a higher level, I’d say wait until closer to the end of the Project, because then you’d get access to everything already posted.

  5. For a moment when I saw the “per thing” I thought you were going to put out 10/month. Much as I love your writing, I can’t quite keep up with you (R)

  6. Yeah that was my worry. I didn’t want to commit to a higher level if it was going to be multiple things per month charge b

  7. FYI (for possible future patreons you may consider backing) When backing a patreon on a “by thing’ basis, you get given the option of specifying a max number of items/things to support each month.

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