This woman

This woman, Margaret Wanjiru….huhuhuuuuuu….Halleluiyah, the Glory is here! Just wait, where? Sorry the Glory is departed. Ichabod! Mixing religious leadership and politics makes a poisonous cocktail. Muiru was there and now it is Wanjiru. But greed seems to be stronger than anointing for many people of the cloth. They use God to make money and then use the money and their disciples to join politics. They end up losing both politics and God.Let her cool her heels in RUMANDE for those punch days.

7 thoughts on “This woman”

  1. I choose to stay away from this issue. She is only human n anger is her weakness n we all have our own weaknesses

  2. Don’t be surprised if doors open and she walks out These Nairobi Pastors of God will show us things. Touch not my anointed though.

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