Upon the famed Front Porch at the all

Upon the famed Front Porch at the all-but-forgotten Frontal Lobe National Park, where western in-laws like the Owe You Kid keep a breast of their caffeine intake, the trouble is you’re not exactly seeing double (though it often comes off that way); you only think you are, and what you are is the host with the most at the pop-up pastry exhibit, so calm down and enjoy your shelf and a couple of the others and theirs too, and I do mean there’s two! Believe you me, it’s the least you can do!

5 thoughts on “Upon the famed Front Porch at the all”

  1. For some reason this all reminds me of that famous old poem…There once was a woman who begat/ triplets named Nat, Matt, and Tat/ It was fun in the breeding/ but hell in the feeding/ because there was no tit for Tat!

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