We have a trans woman in our current Taboo Tales workshop

We have a trans woman in our current Taboo Tales workshop, and she expressed a fear of aging because there aren’t too many trans people who she’s seen get older. “Why is that?” I asked. “We tend to kill ourselves,” she said.
It’s reallllly hard to to be born into the wrong body. I wish the leader of our nation had some sort of empathy and could understand how harmful it is to dictate which bathroom trans people use. 40% of trans people have tried to kill themselves. And now some orange fuck wants to tell them how to pee? How is bathroom usage SO important that he had to use his first month as president to make it a thing? Please be kind to people you don’t understand today. And, Donald J. Trump: Fuck you (I’ll try to be kind to you later). People’s lives are more important than money or religious beliefs.

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  1. This is a rather harsh reply. Actually the directive is just the opposite. Obama was interfering by telling locals what they had to do. Trump merely is saying it is a local decision so work it out among your neighbors. There is nothing in the constitution about the right to pee. I don’t believe it is a protected class. As an old man with prostrate issues, I am thankful for anyplace. And fucking our president is not very nice, unless you are his wife, or you were an white house intern during the Clinton years.

  2. I mean plus let’s be honest…it’s a room where you pee and poop. I mean, really. Are we going to fight over this? Let people pee and poop in the room of their choosing.

    1. Someone from my high school recently posted that trans people are acting JUST so they can see the opposite sex’s private parts. 1) who wants to see a limp dick at a urinal? 2) I’m SURE someone will change their entire life, wardrobe, and name just to peek through the divider and try to catch some labia. #endrant

  3. Research says that marriage equality laws have cut suicide rates among LGBT youth by 14%, so it makes a lot of sense to make something of this importance at a national level.

  4. Don’t understand because some bathrooms have a men’s and woman’s sign on the door? Usually a one stall but maybe the way public restrooms should be? One person in at a time then who cares what gender is in there.

  5. BLAME TRUMP!!! He’s the reason everything is wrong!!!!
    Why should 99.7% of the population be forced to oblige to laws made for transgenders? It should be the opposite way around. I swear, logic means nothing to a liberal. I wouldn’t want my daughter in a bathroom with a man with tits.

    1. If you’re afraid of the man with tits, what would he be able to do in a bathroom that he can’t do outside of the bathroom? Are you worried that he’s going to crawl into her stall? Really? Or watch her as she washes her hands? The concern seems bizarre.

  6. I’ve heard a sizable amount of trans people say that they wish the LBGT movement would stop bringing the bathroom thing up because they were doing it all along anyway and the LBGT movement is bringing unnecessary attention to it. By the way you can’t tell people to be kind and the next sentence say “Fuck you.” It’s hypocritical. People will notice that and not follow your message. And transgendered people aren’t committing suicide because they can’t go in the bathroom they want they are doing so because they aren’t getting adequate psychological help.

    1. you are correct! I should be compassionate towards Trump because he is someone I don’t understand. I am working on it. However, I disagree with your assumption that trans people aren’t getting adequate psychological help. When society is constantly telling you something is wrong with you and you can’t live the life you’re leading, it takes a toll. It’s been proven by a brand new study I provided above that laws allowing for equality reduce the rate of suicides. A simple law lets everyone know they are accepted, which leads to less self-harm and depression– This is most important to me.

  7. May I offer another perspective?

    If memory serves, Obama’s EO regarding the use of bathrooms by TG individuals applied only to public schools.

    A federal district judge struck it down in August as being unconstitutional and since Gorusch will be confirmed, it is highly likely that decision will stand.

    Trumps EO merely reverses Obamas unconstitutional order, and is a political maneuver with little downside risk, esp. given the districts court decision.

    There is an unfortunate and misguided default position taken by individuals on both sides to personalize the issue. I’m not sure that “Fuck Trump” is any more appropriate regarding political acts any more than “Fuck Obama” is for the original EO. One cannot fairly derive any conclusion about Trump’s empathy –either way — based on a political act.

    Obama, for example, was opposed to gay marriage. Biden’s gaffe forced Obama to reverse his stance. I didn’t hear anyone saying “Fuck Obama” before that moment, or for that matter, after — even those opposed to him. Disappointment was directed at SCOTUS on the gay marriage case by those opposed to gay marriage–but primarily because of how the case was decided rather than lack of empathy (with some exceptions).

    Especially considering this particular issue has to do with schools and not the works at large.

    This is entirely separate from ones feelings and emotions about the people directly affected by any given policy. Empathy and compassion are always the right course.

    1. I’m not sure why the fact that this applies to public schools is important in your point? Private schools can go about their business claiming religious freedoms all they want and the EO doesn’t affect them. So… great for them and those paying to go there. The youth, who haven’t yet found their voices or support systems, are most at risk here, so the public school issue is extremely important to me. I see nothing in the news about Obama’s EO being ruled unconstitutional, and I don’t understand why it would be. Considering I have an interest in saving peoples lives from suicide and because research has shown that equal rights laws DO decrease the suicide rates by a large amount, this issue IS personal and important to me. And I think a Trump administration who takes away rights from a marginalized community within the first month of power DOES show a lack of empathy (along with muslim ban and many other “political acts.”). The human stories are what’s important here, not political statements or getting in good with the religious conservatives.

  8. Actually they just took a vote on this were I live and you use the bathroom you were sexually born as the vote one by 4 times what the transgender vote was

  9. Your liberal logic is what’s bizarre. People aren’t “born as the wrong sex”. They’re psychologically unstable. Genes are genes, it’s science. so yeah, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with a psychologically unstable man with tits in the same bathroom as my daughter.

  10. Of course the issue is Important and matters! To me as well. Most of us are part of a minority. These are human lives and people and everyone deserves respect and dignity.

    Attention must be paid to all at-risk people. Especially those who feel marginalized and are at risk of suicide. We don’t do enough to help them.

    I don’t mean to seem Insensitive in any way. I was offering a broader perspective on what happened and why. I was wrong regarding the reason for the courts decision. Obamas EO violated federal law. Trumps EO changes nothing because the court had decided the matter, but the EO doesn’t even reverse Obama’s. It gives each school a choice as to what to do.


    But yes, fuck anybody who lacks the empathy on such a vital issue.

  11. I mean, everyone’s worried about sexual predators in the bathroom, when the current POTUS has admitted (and bragged) about being one. Why is this not bothersome?

    I’m more worried about role models in the White House than randoms in the bathroom.

    Also, just wondering if any women have ever run into the men’s room whilst it was empty bc of a long bathroom wait for the women’s room. I am guilty there — and it was effectively harmless. Or– is there an issue with me going in the men’s room when I can’t hold it any longer?

  12. Where is the study? Also one study is not evidence enough. You need to have multiple studies that confirm the same hypothesis to have accurate information. Everyone gets bullied. Making a special exception for a certain group is not equality. If bullying was the reason transgendered people were attempting suicide at a rate of 40% then the national suicide rate overall would be close to that number too yet it is nowhere near it. But that is beside the point this is not a question of equality this is a question of forcing government mandates on private businesses. If someone happens to not agree with the transgender bathroom movement and happens to own a business with a bathroom it is immoral to force that person to comply or to build multiple different bathrooms; which for some large scale businesses could cost millions of dollars or face a fine/confiscation of business/jail time. These additional costs can also be very restrictive to existing small business as they now might suddenly have to spend $10,000 they don’t have renovating bathrooms. Even changing everything to unisex would be more costly than having one generic room for men and women. This is not freedom, nor does it respect the beliefs of others even if you don’t happen to agree. And if other people don’t have the power to believe what they want neither will you. I can’t stand it when people suggest they are the fairer team and then immediately suggest government force as the solution when you could easily just ask people to change.

  13. Laurenne Sala yes they would be in public schools. Here is a pic of one. It’s like your own separate room can’t look under or over.

  14. Okay I’m totally unclear and all
    The websites I’m reading seem to have slightly different definitions.

    Is a transgender person someone who has had sex reassignment surgery? Or someone whose DNA says they are one gender but they identify as the other? And what is the definition of “identify”? Educate please!

    1. A trans person is someone who feels like they were born in the wrong body. Many people can tell who this is from a young age, as they “identify” as the opposite gender from very early on. My friend said that once he (born a she) got in trouble once because his grandma called the girls into the kitchen and he didn’t go. He didn’t believe he was a girl even at age 4. Identify refers to who you feel you are at a soul level, regardless of your body. Surgery or no surgery, that’s it. Gender has nothing to do with genitalia. Some people, who go through the hormones and some kinds of surgery, don’t even consider themselves trans afterward. They’re simply the man/woman who they’ve become. Any trans people want to correct me if I’m wrong? This is a GREAT read that explains it all: https://www.amazon.com/…/B01L…/ref=dp-kindle-redirect…

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