‍♀️ if you aren’t working with a coach yet, feel free to join us in a 3 day INFO group starting TOMORROW! Link below!
We are going to give you a glimpse at what it’s like to be a coach & answer all of the common questions people have before deciding to join us!
We’ll also share a bunch of behind the scenes stuff from our big trip to New Orleans for our annual coaching conference. {think live workouts, earned parties, recognition, taco party, celebration, training & new announcements for what’s coming out next!} I’m speaking on stage to tens of thousands of people this week – I’m going to show you what that’s all about!
✔️ what does a coach do?
✔️ how much does it cost?
✔️ what if I don’t want to be a salesperson?
✔️ what if I don’t want to spam my friends?
✔️ what if I’m not at my fitness goal?
✔️ how do you reach people?
✔️ how do coaches earn an income?
✔️ is it a scam or a scheme?
✔️ how can I use social media?
✔️ how do I help people?
✔️ how can I create financial freedom for my family?
ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS! ✌ We will answer them.
We are looking for more LIKE MINDED people who are willing to work hard for a season & change the course of their family’s life — like we did!
We are launching Shift Shop this week and also kicking off a brand new Dynasty Mentorship Training for our new coaches in ONE WEEK! We will teach you everything you need to know.
If you aren’t working with a coach but want to learn more about this: REQUEST TO JOIN HERE! ☀️

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